Search Help

Searching the gateway and external study websites

ILSA Search allows you to locate information, documents, or other study-related materials on the gateway as well as at the external websites of all ILSAs presented here. Start your search with keywords (e.g., framework) or keyword phrases (e.g., ICCS 2009 framework).


Getting more exact matches

Refine your search and narrow your search results by making use of various operators, for example:

  • Putting a query term within quotation marks, e.g., “TIMSS framework”
  • Using an asterisk as a placeholder for unknown words; for example, “PISA * design” will find “PISA research design”, “PISA 2015 integrated design”, “PISA sample design” and more
  • Combining query terms with “and”, e.g., TERCE and PRIDI


In the future

The ILSA Search function has been designed as a basic tool, which will be refined and expanded in the future, according to the needs of gateway users.