PIRLS 2021 Encyclopedia released


PIRLS 2021 Encyclopedia has two separate forms of data: chapters created by individual countries and benchmarking participants, as well as exhibits depicting the findings from the PIRLS 2021 curriculum questionnaire.

Curriculum Questionnaire Exhibits

PIRLS 2021 Encyclopedia outlines ten exhibits presenting information from the curriculum questionnaire about different aspects of countries’ education systems. Exhibits include national policies on age of school entry and promotion, purposes for reading emphasized in the intended language/reading curriculum, main preparation routes and current requirements for fourth grade teachers, and so forth.

Country Chapters

Chapters provide more in-depth information about the structure of countries’ education systems, national use and impact of PIRLS results, language/reading curricula, teacher professional development, monitoring student progress in reading, special reading initiatives, and information about countries’ education systems during the COVID-19 pandemic.