PISA 2018 Results Released

The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) examines what students know in reading, mathematics and science, and what they can do with what they know. It provides the most comprehensive and rigorous international assessment of student learning outcomes to date. Results from PISA indicate the quality and equity of learning outcomes attained around the world, and allow educators and policy makers to learn from the policies and practices applied in other countries. PISA 2018 survey, the seventh round of the triennial assessment presents a report containing six volumes which analyze different issues.

PISA 2018 report covers the following volumes:

VOLUME I: What students know and can do

VOLUME II: Where all students can succeed

VOLUME III: What school life means for students' lives

VOLUME IV: Are students smart about money

VOLUME V: Effective Policies, Successful Schools

VOLUME VI: Are Students Ready to Thrive in an Interconnected World


To find out more on the subject, please read the report on the link provided below.