New OECD Report in TALIS series: Teachers Getting the Best out of Their Students. From Primary to Upper Secondary Education

The Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) gathers data and provides information about the working conditions, learning environments, and levels of professionalism of teachers and school leaders around the world, especially in lower secondary education.  This report presents results from TALIS 2018 participants who administered the optional primary education survey (15 out of 48 countries and economies) and/or the upper secondary education survey (11 out of 48 countries and economies). Its main goal is to understand if there are any similarities and differences between the dimensions of professionalism and educational challenges found in primary and upper secondary education compared to those found in lower secondary education. The publication gives a deeper insight into today’s schools and provides policy makers with additional information they can use as a basis for their decisions.

To access the report and have a look at the launch webinar that accompanied the release of the report, please follow the link below: