New IEA publication: PIRLS 2021 Technical Report

IEA has recently published the Methods and Procedures: PIRLS 2021 Technical Report. The report includes information on the development and implementation of PIRLS 2021 and on the way of reporting of the findings. Chapter 1 to 3 introduces to study instruments, chapter 4 to 7 give an overview of the data collection, and chapters 8 to 15 present how the data collected was analyzed and reported.

Commissioned Paper: Using PIAAC to Examine Characteristics

The Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) related publication should provide information on how to support adults in the U.S. who began but did not complete educational qualifications. The paper addresses the following research questions:

1. How does not completing educational qualifications vary by numeracy proficiency levels?
2. Which background characteristics are related to not completing educational qualifications?
3. Do relationships between background characteristics and non-completion vary by numeracy proficiency levels?

Among other things, the results show that highly skilled adults and less educated adults were more likely to drop out of educational programs without completing their intentions and earning new qualifications.

Teaching in focus: Where to find experienced teachers?

Experienced teachers are crucial, and this cannot be underestimated. Supporting less experienced colleagues can help students do better and boost the standard of education. The distribution of teachers among schools is explored in this Teaching in Focus (TIF) from two distinct but related perspectives: equity and equality.

Educational Research and Innovation: Is Education Losing the Race with Technology? AI’S Progress in Maths and Reading

This report follows up an earlier pilot study, collecting expert evaluations of how well artificial intelligence (AI) can do the literacy and numeracy tests of the OECD Survey of Adult Skills of the Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC).

Large-scale Assessment in Education Journal Publishes Over 20 New Articles in 2022

The Large-Scale Assessments in Education (LSAE), a collaborative IEA-ETS (Educational Testing Service) open-access journal, published more than 20 new articles in 2022.