New Series for Teachers: IEA’s Teacher Snippets

The IEA Teacher Snippets is a peer-reviewed short-format series that introduces teachers to findings from IEA studies such as TIMSS, PIRLS, ICCS, and ICILS and should support them in their work. The presented findings cover both international and national highlights and should inspire classroom practices. Two examples of such short “snippets” will be introduced here.

  1. This is Where We Belong: The Benefits and Promotion of the Sense of Belonging at School

School belonging can be defined as the extent to which individuals feel personally accepted, respected, included, and supported by others in the school social environment (Goodenow & Grady 1993). Research shows that it plays an important role in both students’ academic life and success and their psychological well-being. The IEA Teaching Snippet describes research-based advantages of (high) sense of belonging to school (for students and teachers), outlines the situation from an international perspective, and offers research-based ideas on how to create a sense of belonging to school.

Please find the Teacher Snippet here:

  1. Do Your Students Like to Read? Strategies Teachers Employ to Inspire Positive Attitudes Toward Reading

Large-scale assessment data show that students reading attitudes at primary school are declining. Therefore, this publication offers insight in how to promote positive attitudes towards reading with four strategies: a) Providing students with choices about what they read, a) Making reading a social activity, c) Ensuring reading texts are relevant, d) Fostering reading confidence.

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