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Call for Submission and Registration: ICME 2024

The International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME) is the largest international conference on mathematics education in the world. Their 15th conference will be held at the International Convention Center in Sydney, Australia, from July 7–14, 2024. Call for submission and registration are currently open.

IEA Compass Briefs in Education: Early Learning Activities Matter for Girls’ and Boys’ Mathematics and Science Achievement

Children who are involved in home learning activities, such as singing songs, writing numbers, etc., perform better in science and mathematics in the fourth grade. This brief analyzes the gender differences in parental involvement with a child's education as measured through participation in early home learning activities using data from the IEA's TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) 2019.

GEM Report 2023: Technology in Education - A Tool on Whose Terms?

A report on technology in education has recently released by Global Education Monitoring (GEM). The report examines three system-wide requirements that must be fulfilled for any educational technology to succeed, including access to technology, governance regulation, and teacher preparation.