TALIS 2018 Papers

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Zakariya, Yusuf F. 2020 Effects of school climate and teacher self-efficacy on job satisfaction of mostly STEM teachers
Lopes, João Lamego, Oliveira, Célia Regina 2021 Inclusive education in Portugal
Liu, Shujie, Keeley, Jared W., Sui, Yongying 2020 Multi-level analysis of factors influencing teacher job satisfaction in China
Lassibille, Gérard, Gomez, M Lucia Navarro 2020 Teachers’ job satisfaction and gender imbalance at school
Ceylan, Eren, Özdogan Özbal, Ece 2020 The effects of extrinsic and intrinsic factors on teachers' job satisfaction in TALIS 2018
Kasalak, Gamze, Dağyar, Miray 2020 The relationship between teacher self-efficacy and teacher job satisfaction
Brandisauskiene, Agne, Cesnaviciene, Jurate, Miciuliene, Rita, Kaminskiene, Lina 2021 What factors matter for the sustainable professional development of teachers?
Chen, Robin Jung-Cheng, Lin, Hsin-Chih, Hsueh, Yi-Lung, Hsieh, Chuan-Chung 2020 Which is more influential on teaching practice, classroom management efficacy or instruction efficacy?