TALIS 2018 Organization

Study director(s)

IEA Secretariat (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • Manages contractor finances and contracts
  • Verifies translation procedures for survey questions
  • Ensures quality of survey implementation in all participating countries/sub-national entities
  • Coordinates quality control procedures
  • Oversees the verification of translations of questionnaires
  • Appoints, contracts, and trains independent international quality control monitors


IEA Hamburg – formerly called IEA Data Processing and Research Center

  • Serves as International Study Centre (ISC) and appoints international study director
  • Responsible for overall budget, contractual agreements, and international schedule
  • Responsible for developing the conceptual framework
  • Coordinates item development group
  • Oversees and advises on all tasks related to data processing, scaling, meeting organization, ICT services, software development, and programming
  • Provides all countries/sub-national entities with within-school sampling, data entry, and on-line data collection software; offers training in the use of the three programs to NRCs
  • Coordinates survey administration at the international level
  • Maintains close contact with national data managers


Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Canada

  • Acts as international sampling referee
  • Responsible for sample design, implementation, weighting, and adjudication
  • Advises on calculation of sampling errors


Australian Council for educational research (ACER, Melbourne, Australia)

  • Responsible for quality control of final report tables
  • Table verification
  • Advises on analysis
Institutions and their responsibilities


  • TALIS Governing Board (TGB) Comprised of representatives of all entities participating in TALIS
  • Representatives appointed by their respective education ministries


  • Official decision-making body
  • Determining policy priorities for TALIS
  • Ensuring that these are respected during implementation of each survey


TALIS Expert Groups

  • Questionnaire Expert Group (12 expert and ex-officio members)
    • Translates policy priorities into questionnaires
  • Extended Questionnaire Expert Group (5 members)
    • Advises on questionnaire development
  • Technical Advisory Group (6 members)
    • Advises on  technical or analytical issues


National Managers

  • National project managers
  • National data managers
  • National sampling managers


  • Responsible for technical and operational procedures
  • Ensure the security of coordination and cooperation of and with schools
  • Oversee national adaptation
  • Verify the translation and validation of questionnaires
  • Manage data collection and processing procedure
  • Verify obtained results
  • Establish overall survey preparation and survey administration schedule in cooperation with the ISC
  • Provide up-to-date national sampling frame
  • Perform within-school sampling and tracking using IEA WinW3S
  • Nominate and train school coordinators and national quality control monitors
  • Monitor the return status of the on-line questionnaires using the software tool provided by the ISC
  • Enter paper data manually, using IEA DME Tools, and monitor data entry by a contracted external agency
  • Use IEA DME Tools to perform quality control procedures
  • Complete the survey activities questionnaire after survey administration
  • Send data files to the ISC and respond to questions from the center

2 rue André Pascal
75775 Paris Cedex 16

E-mail: edutalis@oecd.org



  • The study was funded predominantly by the participating countries/sub-national entities.
  • Financial support was offered by the European Commission for EU and EEA countries/sub-national entities.
Editor(s) and author(s) of study-related gateway pages
  • TALIS 2018 co-directors: Steffen Knoll, IEA Hamburg; Ralph Carstens, IEA Hamburg
  • OECD project management team: Karine Tremblay; Pablo Fraser, Gábor Fülöp
  • Sampling expert: Jean Dumais, Ottawa, Canada