PISA 2018 Papers

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Steinmann, Isa, Strietholt, Rolf, Braeken, Johan 2021 A constrained factor mixture analysis model for consistent and inconsistent respondents to mixed-worded scales
Gamazo, Adriana, Abad-Martinez, Fernando 2020 An exploration of factors linked to academic performance in PISA 2018 through data mining techniques
Kogar, Esin Yilmaz 2020 An investigation of the mediating role of various variables in the effect of both gender and economic, social and cultural status on reading literacy
León, Jaime, Álvarez- Álvarez, Carmen, Martínez-Abad, Fernando 2020 Contextual effect of school SES on reading performance
Ernesto, Aguayo-Tellez, Flor E, Martinez-Rodriguez 2020 Early school entrance and middle-run academic performance in Mexico
Joo, Seang-Hwane, Khorramdel, Lale, Yamamoto, Kentaro, Shin, Hyo Jeong, Robin, Frederic 2020 Evaluating item fit statistic thresholds in PISA
Ertem, Hasan Yücel 2021 Examination of Turkey’s PISA 2018 reading literacy scores within student-level and school-level variables
Koyuncu, İlhan, Firat, Tahsin 2020 Investigating reading literacy in PISA 2018 assessment
González Medina, Mario Alberto, Treviño Villarreal, Diana Carolina 2020 Reading promotion, behavior, and comprehension and its relationship to the educational achievement of Mexican high school students
Bernardo, Allan B. I. 2020 Socioeconomic status moderates the relationship between growth mindset and learning in mathematics and science
Chandir, Harsha 2020 Student responses on the survey of global competence in PISA 2018